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The Foundations of Successful Coaching


The three supports of Coaching:

Coaching focuses on what you want – your goal – and how to achieve it

Coaching encourages you to know your values and live them in achieving your goals

Coaching challenges limiting beliefs and reinforces positives ones by giving tasks that provide feedback.

Coaching builds skill, self-confidence and self-awareness.

It answers the question:  How can I be/feel/do better?



Are you X or Y?

The key presuppositions:

Everyone has resources or can acquire them

  • Treat people as if they have the answers themselves
  • Work with them on clarifying their goals
  • Encourages awareness of where choices can be made
  • Gain awareness of habits that are holding them back
  • Support them in making changes

People make the best choice they can at the time?

When we know more and are aware of more choices we can move more easily towards where we want to go.

Human behaviour is purposeful

Driven by goals and values, what we want and why we want it.  These are things that lead to change OR encourage the status quo.

To change first there is a need to understand, then there is a need to act

No point in just understanding why you’re stuck – you then take the action required to become unstuck. Coaching supports the right changes in activity.

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