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Mind Coaching

When in life at times we get in a place where we feel stuck and can’t seem to get ourselves out of, this is something that we can all recognise. Either you deal with it in the best way you can, but it stays in the background tormenting you. Until one day you start to think of a different way to change your current habits that you have got yourself in.

Just like not exercising your body and letting things go sometimes you just need a personal trainer to help you tone up and get fitter. Like your brain, you need someone to work with you and cooperate with you to develop a better you. This process doesn’t happen overnight but does make an immediate effect if you take your time and relax in helping yourself to picture the newer you and know that this needs to happen.

Are you struggling in areas like these and want to move away from them?


Stress management

Self Confidence




Fear (all types)

Habits changes

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Starting a business is very stressful and self-doubt can really exacerbate the stress. I went to Jason during a particularly challenging time and found that a few sessions with him really helped me refocus on what was important and hugely improved my confidence levels. Oisin Ryan owner Servicedock.com

I went to Jason as I felt I wasn’t progressing in certain aspects of my working life. I found him to be both personable and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Jason, his techniques are now helping me to pursue and achieve my career goals. Colin Moran Owner www.ieatdesign.com 

We invited Jason along for a couple of days to workshop some NLP strategies with our sales team with the view to give them an extra edge in the way they approach their day to day thinking and actions. We found Jason’s informative presentations both inspiring and engaging. The feedback from the team was that of great positivity and I would definitely recommend his services for any business looking to inspire their staff to think differently. James Galvin MD www.marvin.ie

really enjoyed Jason's morning training session on sales and customer service skills. He uses modern techniques drawing on neuropsychological, linguistic and mindfulness theory. The workshop was experiential and interactive which was a lot of fun! It helped me develop an increased awareness of my communication style. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to enhance their communication style in a short amount of time. I can't get over how fun the session was and how motivated I felt- and still do!