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Business Coaching

Working in your business can be stressful at the best of times and looking for improvements and innovation when your mind is cluttered and closed can limit your creative flair and passion. Pushing yourself out side of your comfort zone and being challenged by your peers might feel uncomfortable.

Business coaching using NLP techniques will help you identify a great idea from a good idea, working with you to find an easier way to run your business or provide services in a more effective and efficient way. We will work with you to set a framework for producing well-formed positive outcomes where new ideas can be actively developed by you and or your team. We will give you tools and techniques to allow you to approach your business in a different and more psychological way to help you achieve any challenging goals.

Jason has had over 20 successful years of working for large corporate companies within the UK and Ireland and has gained significant knowledge and experience working for and with start-ups and early stage businesses. He has helped deliver presentations to large audiences in the US and locally in Ireland and the UK and is an expert networker. So when you are looking to make a step-change for yourself or your team - Jason will guide you to a fantastic outcome in the shortest time.

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