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About Jason

Jason has had over 20 years of sales, marketing and advertising experience from large multinationals to small hungry on-line start-ups. Jason was frustrated with people constantly being negative around him and wanted to do something about them and searching within to find answers to why people do certain things.

I started to attend many conferences, training courses, associations and networking events to learn as much as I can and still attending now.

Now Jason worked hard within the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming a study into how the mind works for success and language patterns to achieve positive results) area and obtained the master practitioner area of research and then studied the mind, life and business coaching. By using the foundations of NLP and other disciplines to help himself change the way he thinks and acts and so to alter the lives of others.

Jason has a logical approachable charm about himself and has a never-ending craving to personally add an impactful change in others for the short and long-term happiness.

He will work with people that want to change areas in their life and will help with a plan going forward but it’s only down to you that can do this, he will only guide you through this.

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  • really enjoyed Jason's morning training session on sales and customer service skills. He uses modern techniques drawing on neuropsychological, linguistic and mindfulness theory. The workshop was experiential and interactive which was a lot of fun! It helped me develop an increased awareness of my communication style. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to enhance their communication style in a short amount of time. I can't get over how fun the session was and how motivated I felt- and still do!
  • We invited Jason along for a couple of days to workshop some NLP strategies with our sales team with the view to give them an extra edge in the way they approach their day to day thinking and actions. We found Jason’s informative presentations both inspiring and engaging. The feedback from the team was that of great positivity and I would definitely recommend his services for any business looking to inspire their staff to think differently. James Galvin MD www.marvin.ie
  • I went to Jason as I felt I wasn’t progressing in certain aspects of my working life. I found him to be both personable and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Jason, his techniques are now helping me to pursue and achieve my career goals. Colin Moran Owner www.ieatdesign.com 
  • Starting a business is very stressful and self-doubt can really exacerbate the stress. I went to Jason during a particularly challenging time and found that a few sessions with him really helped me refocus on what was important and hugely improved my confidence levels. Oisin Ryan owner Servicedock.com