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What is Coaching and how to find your own success

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2nd February 2019

Coaching Success   By Jason Cooper jcooper@jasoncooper.ie Service Your Mind – Neuro Selling

Who is a Coach?  A coach is someone who is there to train you both mentally and physically to ensure that you are at your level best.  At some point in life, things really get confusing and there are high chances that you will lose your way mostly in your personal life or even in business. As you go on, there are many challenges in life that you need to deal with and this becomes even difficult. You will need to get some clarity on how to go about it. But before this, there will be much confusion which prevents you from achieving your goals. This is where you need a coach. A coach is someone who helps you solve these problems when your life is in a mess.     

Why Go to a Coach?  There are many reasons why you should go to the coach as an individual. This is for your own good. They include:  -To get the best advice about your personal life.  -To get advice on your personal life and how to improve on it.   -To relieve yourself from stress and how to deal with it.  -To better yourself in life.    

How to Start new Habits as Person Waking up every day to thank whatever little you have as well as what is around you. The main secret of becoming successful lies in your daily agenda. Establishing goals is your main secret Also, you need to be consistent and disciplined. You need to put in more efforts. -When you realize the potential in you then you can achieve your goals. 

Write all your goals down-There is always power in writing. You have to write your goals down so that you can focus on them more.     For you to achieve your goals, then you need to go step by step. First, set your target, achieve a single goal. From there, you move to a second goal. Within no time, you will be where you want to be. When it comes to success, discipline and focus are the key values that you need to apply. Having discipline is like having a supercomputer. How you program it really matters because good discipline will always come with good results. Always put the right information into your mind because your mind is a powerful tool.    

Make this day Your Master Piece-The only way to get your dream done is today. Most of us procrastination saying they will do it tomorrow which doesn’t happen. You have to do it today. Lean that time waits for no man and the sooner you do it, the better for you. You have to ask yourself about the best time you can do to achieve your goals.   Another thing that you need to keep in mind is seriousness and focus. Here, you have to focus on positivity. Positivity means that you have to avoid anything that is negative and brings you down.    

At some point in life, you always feel like the world has come to an end on your side. You are not even sure of where the road is headed. At this time, all the negative thoughts are just on your mind and you do not know what to do. You might end up thinking that you aren’t good to reach your goals. These are usually tough times and they happen to anyone.  As someone who wants to be successful, this should not be an issue for you. Get up every day, pray, and do your thing. Do it once, fail and repeat it. A man who doesn’t accept failure will never succeed. So you have to know that these are life challenges and you will fail at some point.. Failure doesn’t mean that you are a loser, it means that you are there out trying to better yourself.   If success was easy, then everyone will be doing it. Every person will be driving expensive cars, owning big houses, going on vacations to expensive places and so on. Unfortunately, this is not possible. You need to get up and work. Be among the few individuals who sleep less to see their dreams achieved. Remember, you cannot become successful overnight as miracles don’t happen, you have to work for it.  Go out there and prove your with because you can do it.    The coaching principle can be applied in a variety of ways, especially with the increased modern communication systems. Coaching can happen in a variety of ways. It can be face to face, one on one as well as in groups, through telephone, email, Skype or even instant messaging.     

Types of Coaching Performance Coaching-The main aim of this coaching is to maximize individual general performance at work so that they can be productive and efficient. Generally, this type of coaching gets its strength from sports and business psychology.     

Skill Coaching- Skill coaching mainly focuses on major skills that you as an employee need so that you can perform your role well. It provides adaptive, flexible as well as just in time links to develop your skills. If you are looking to acquire skills, then this is the type of coaching for you.    

Career Coaching-This type of coaching mainly focuses on individuals career needs, with the coach using individuals’ feedback on capabilities so that he/she may decide the type of career that suits you.  Personal or Life Coaching-This is a type of coaching for those people who want to experience some change s in their lives. Here, the coach helps you to get what you want in your life through some inspirations.    

Business Coaching-This type of coaching is carried out within the limits on an individual or even a group in the organizational context.     

Executive Coaching-This is a type of coaching that is aimed at helping influential people in the organization such as CEO, Directors among others. It is done by coaches who are operating from outside your organization. They can be called upon and terms are agreed on     

Mind Coaching.
is particularly unique in that it focuses on teaching NLP based Mind Management Techniques that will equip you with the tools necessary to transform your personal and professional life and the lives of others in a sustainable, effective and easy manner.
you can enjoy the freedom of realising your own goals and ambitions while also experiencing that deeper sense of personal fulfilment that comes with being able to help others live happier and more successful lives as you do

Team Facilitation-This is a type of coaching which is done mostly during a strategic planning or budget season. Here, the coach aims at helping individuals improve their performance.    

Work Shadowing-This is the best coaching if you want to get a person’s behaviour and performance. This is the best method if you want to get immediate feedback on an individual’s behaviour.    

Conclusion In summary, success is not easy but anyone can achieve it. You have all it takes to get where you want. To help you achieve your goals, you need a success coach. They will teach you all the necessary values that you need in order to succeed.